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Consumer Products

Our direct-to-consumer products operate under our Akimbo brand.  These prepaid cards offer
consumers an easy way to monitor spending, plan a household budget, manage allowance
or even send gift cards to friends and family.

The Card For The Modern Household

Akimbo Card is how every reloadable prepaid card should be.

Access with Apple Pay. Check.
Manage your account with any device. Check.
Create additional sub-cards for any purpose. Check.

We've built Akimbo Card with the promise to help today's digital households move money to the places that matter. With innovative technology, the Akimbo Card platform is relentless in providing customers with the most convenient ways to manage and access their household money. 

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A Better Gift Card Experience

Akimbo Gift Cards were designed with the recipient in mind.

Akimbo Card members can give gift cards to any recipient with an email or a text message that can be redeemed virtually or by mail. Recipients also have access to helpful Akimbo Card features, including an easy-to-use dashboard, text alerts, and the ability to transfer their gift card funds to their bank account. 

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