Send and Accept Payments

Send and Accept Payments

Whether you're just getting started or already processing high volumes of payments, we have 
tools that support each level of your growth.  With PDS, you'll enjoy lower processing 
rates while being empowered to create truly great payment experiences.


ACH Payments

Send or accept low-cost payments using multiple origination banks.

With ACH, you can move money to or from any US bank account at a fraction of the cost of credit card processing.  We're also one of the first processors to offer same-day ACH credits to any US bank account.

Using our PDS Checkout solution, you can greatly reduce regulatory requirements making it easier and less expensive to process bank transfers.

For businesses interested in processing at higher volumes, we offer PDS Mass Pay.

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Credit Card Payments

Accept credit card payments while enjoying lower processing rates.

Using our PDS Checkout solution, you can greatly reduce regulatory requirements making it easier and less expensive to process credit card payments and offer a great experience on any device.

For creating a fully custom experience, you can integrate direct with our API Toolkit.

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API Toolkit

Imagine it, and build it.

Use our APIs to create fully custom experiences.  We've made integration easy by offerring SOAP and RESTful APIs.  For mobile development, we also offer iOS and Android SDKs.

Enjoy high availability and high transaction throughput. Contact us today to gain access to our Sandbox environment to start integrating.

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Payment Verifications

Enhance your payment landscape with our suite of unique risk tools.

Using our pre-processing verification API, you'll gain valuable insight and confidence with each payment attempt.  You'll enjoy lower returns and happier customers.

Identify potential payment issues and address them proactively.

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Real-Time Funds

Deliver money instantly to customers, contractors or employees.

Offer instant gratification to your customers by pushing money real time to any US-based debit card.

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